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Looking for a pump to increase your bottom line?  You just found it!

Progressing Cavity Pumps are absolutely​ the most efficient pumps on the planet! 

Welcome to our website! 

RPS is an authorized distributor for ARTEMIS, ChampionX/Oil Lift Technology, Cougar Wellhead Drives, PCM, Excaliber Oil Tools, Weatherford, LEI - VFD's, SPOC Automation, Electric Motors , Automation Controls, all specializing  in downhole Progressing Cavity Pump Systems, Quincy Compressors.  For over 35 years, RPS has been involved with the most up to date advancements in PC pump technology, we have been involved with manufactures in field testing new elastomers in extreme conditions where they had a small application market.  Now with today's elastomer technology, we can apply PC pumps in higher gravity, temperatures, and volumes.  The second part of the evolution has been the wellhead drives, with their increased braking capabilities, larger thrust bearings, Leak-less packing glands, and a small footprint.  The third part of the evolution is automation and the advancements of Variable Speed Drives with PC Pump Programming to optimize the system.

To contact by phone, please call:

Mobile:  (325) 668-2226


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