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"Our Mission"

  • At RPS/Richardson Pump Service Inc, we have only one goal in mind, and that is giving you the customer the best possible service in the industry when its comes to artificial lift.  For over 34 years we have accumulated an abundant amount of knowledge working with progressing cavity pumps in all kinds of conditions.  The base use for the pumps years ago was heavy sand laden crude, which to this day is a very important role for the pc pump being that no other pump can handle the solids its capable of.  Today through innovation, the pc pump has evolved into a pump that fits many applications that were once out of reach.  Now with pumps capable of depths to 10,000', 350 F temperatures, capable volumes to over 6,000 BFPD, the pc pump has become a major contender.  Again, our mission is to apply our years of experience in design, application, installation, and service after the sell.  We hope to earn your business!
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