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Fluid Level Services

  • RPS offers fluid level services to help you the customer get the most out of your wells, while at the same time making sure you don't damage your pumps from trying to over produce your wells.  This will save you $$$, and optimize your production for the highest efficiency.  This will save you in electricity, pump failures, pumping unit failures, and most importantly DOWN time.

PC Pump workover consulting, failure analysis

RPS has over 32 years experience involving progressing cavity pumps.  We have worked with most manufactures over the years including:  MOYNO, Monoflo, BMW, GrenCo, Weatherford, PCM, Netzsch, NOV, Tarby, and Roper.  If you need expertise, you need only to turn to us!

There are many manufactures of pc pumps out there, but what makes the difference is the Design, Application, and Installation of your PC Pump System.

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